As most of you know I'm a huge Star Trek fan. As such I’ve always hoped to meet the original Vulcan, Leonard Nimoy. I was never fortunate enough to do so, but many of my friends were lucky enough to interact with him. They all said that he was extremely kind, warm and humble. My favorite story about the man was told to me by Laura. She was an intern for the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra when he was narrating Peter and the Wolf. When she asked him what he would like to eat for dinner, Nimoy asked if she could just go to a store and get him some bean soup with crackers. He could have asked for anything, in one of the food capitols of the world, but he asked for bean soup and crackers. She tells me he was a complete pleasure to work with. With the passing of Leonard Nimoy the world has lost a treasure. Thank you to all of our fans for joining us in giving him one last Vulcan Salute last night. 400 loving hands outstretched to say Live Long and Prosper. #‎startrek #‎llap #‎leonardnimoy #‎love #enterprise

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