Aaaaand that's a wrap. It's always super bittersweet ending a tour. The band you toured around the country with, the guys and girls you started out barely knowing become your brothers and sisters. You make life long friends with people you meet along the way. The highs of playing for amazing fans and the exhaustion of the daily grind battle for your attention, but somehow the love from your fans always conquers the latter. It's exhausting, humbling, inspiring and beautiful. This tour has been particularly difficult, what with getting sick and having to miss a bit of it, and I gotta say, I couldn't have done it without the love and support from all of our fans. Thank you so much for coming out and spending your precious time with us. You're all amazing and I love you. 😍😍😍🖖🖖🖖 Now... Gotta get home and finish this damn record for y'all See you soon! #tfctour

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